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    April 21, 2013
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alert and responding to questions from investigators but what the surviving suspect in the deadly boston marathon bombings remains unknown as the u.s. moves closer to filing charges. good evening i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. there's word that the 19-year- old suspected in the boston marathon bombings is aware and answering questions. dzhokhar tsarnaev is awake and
answering questions in writing. tsarnaev has been unable to speak because of a gunshot wound through his throat. dzhokhar tsarnaev and his brother tamerlan tsarnaev are suspected as the bombers in the boston marathon. >> we have reason to believe because of the ordnance that was unexploded and the fire power they had. that they were going to attack other individuals. >> reporter: the older brother was killed a day later in a shoot out with police and tonight the younger brother is in the hospital after being arrested. this is thermal imaging released today showing the stand off with dzhokhar tsarnaev. at one point you saw an
explosion which is apparently a flash bang used to disorient the suspect. and u.s. law enforcement officials now say that russian intelligence officials alerted the fbi in 2011 that tamerlan was a physical lower of radical islam. >> the ball was dropped in one of two ways the fbi missed a lot of things is one potential answer or our laws do not allow the fbi to follow us in a sound solid way. >> reporter: the fbi says in the summer of 2011 it interviewed tamerlan and his relatives and did not find any
foreign terrorist activity. a statement was released. it reads in part that the caucasian mudin is not related to attacks on the u.s., they are in the war for russia it says. and the suspect's father says that fbi agents called him to say that he was under suspicion. his mother says that tamerlan said if you need me you will find me. hours later he was killed following a shoot out with police. and late tonight the fbi disputeed the mother's claim saying the last contact they had with tamerlan was in 2011. now as the legal process begins to unfold, the 19-year- old suspect should be treated as a criminal defendant rather than an enemy combatant.
senator dianne feinstein say it is conviction rate is higher in federal law than a military tribunal. >> it is clear to me, they are skilled, they know how to do this. >> reporter: feinstein calls for federal prosecutors to seek the death penalty. people gathered for an interfaith memorial for the victims. the crowd sang, prayed and stood together at the memorial. three people were killed in the bombings as well as a fallen mit police officer. he was killed later on. the governor of massachusetts has asked residents to observe a moment of silence. the time the first of those two bombs went off. our coverage of the boston bombing continues. coming up a little bit later at 10:30, we will go live to boston where that city took a major step toward healing. here at home faa furloughs of air traffic controllers began today but the real test
is tomorrow. the first business day of the week. delays could run for hours at major hubs such as atlanta and new york. because of sequester cuts all air traffic controllers may take one day off every two weeks. that means most towers will lose one controller every day maybe more. here in the bay area today, sfo and manetta san jose experienced no delays. sources at sfo said four employees there were furloughed today. ktvu's deborah villalon was live as they rolled out furloughs there. >> reporter: this tower went dark over an hour ago. it's closed overnight. it will reopen at 6:00 a.m. for another busy day of small planes, business jets and commercial flights and fewer controllers to manage the mix. a rise in airlines prepared for take off to los angeles. one of nine flights keeping
this santa rosa terminal busy today under the watchful eye of the tower. down by at least one controller, maybe two. the one who answered said he was too busy to talk about it. >> who knows, today was the first day of sequester that's probably why we were late. >> reporter: this flight from seattle delayed a half an hour. a mechanical, not staffing related delays. but passengers don't need these fliers to warn them about furloughs, many have heard and don't like them. >> because that's not going to do the economy any good. we all need to make a living. we make a living, we spend money, we buy goods, we sell goods it just keeps it going. >> every business can buckle up a little bit. >> cuts make sense, some say. but not if they ground an expanding business grounding. >> it's going to be more taxes for the state. i think that's pretty critical.
>> reporter: this airport runs some 80,000 oerpgs -- operations a year with about a dozen controllers. huge for the pilots who are based here. there's a flight school and a restaurant, where the owner says better to have fewer controllers than none at all. >> they will have to scale it up with the skeleton group. we're not imposing a danger to the pilots that are flying in and out of the this field. >> reporter: faa towers like this one are safe from closing until at least next year. but more than 100 others under federal contract are slated to shut in june. meanwhile, airline and pilot organizations are suing to halt the furloughs already under way. reporting live in santa rosa, debra villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. five people parked outside a san jose nightclub early today may all manage to avoid being wounded when someone fired multiple rounds right into their car.
this all happened around 2:00 outside the fiesta nightclub. police say an argument inside may have spilled out into the parking lot. no one was hurt, and there's no word yet on any suspects. a short time later, more gunfire in san jose a man was taken to the hospital after being shot on mccreary avenue. there's no word tonight on his condition and police have not released any information about a suspect or possible motive. the rock ridge neighborhood of oakland is on edge after a shooting that sent a man to the hospital. police say last night a robber held up a man and woman on manila avenue. the robber opened fire hitting the man in the shoulder then fled. a resident on the crime prevention council hopes his neighbors will stay safe. >> be aware of your surroundings. don't be on your cell phone, don't have your buds in, just be aware of your surroundings. because crime can happen any where including here in rock ridge. >> the victim is expected to
survive. police responded to another shooting not far from where two siblings were shot. loraine blanco speaks to a pastor who has been closely affected. >> reporter: recently the gun violence literally hit home. now the pastor is constantly looking around and wondering. >> any one of these young men shot up my grandmother's house and shot my brother. he wasn't the extended victim, it's a little saddening. >> reporter: just a week ago the pastors brother was hanging out with his cousin when a car drove by and shot him.
his brother survived with several debilitating gunshot wounds but the emotional wounds persist for his entire family. >> as a pastor i hate to admit this, but i will. i probably need counseling myself right now. because you know, it hurts. >> reporter: it's been a violent few days in richmond, on thursday night a teenage brother and sister were gunned down on the 4100 block of mclaughlin. pastor landry says he's praying hard for his children's generation. asking god help guide them into a better more productive path. >> if we can get to them and if we can get them loving one another and taking care of one another. i think we can minimize what's going on in richmond, oakland and other cities. >> reporter: richmond police are investigating all three shootings, so far no arrests.
in richmond, lorraine blanco. the oakland board of education is looking close to home to find a new superintendent. gary yee is under consideration for the position of acting superintendent. the board is scheduled to vote on wednesday. yee began his career as an elementary school teacher. the current superintendent tony smith is resigning to move to chicago for family reasons. the newest face of gun control legislation spoke out in san francisco today. ktvu's cara liu caught up with mark kelly the husband of shooting victim gabby giffords about his renewed support for gun control. >> reporter: after speaking about his final mission with space endeavor and his wife gabby giffords, mark kelly
spoke to us about the gun control bill. families forever changed in newton also spoke today. >> my sister pushed the kids up against the wall out of the sight if you look into her class, my sister grabbed her keys to lock her door, and that's when he came in the room. my sister was not a coward. she protected her kids, at the same time protecting us. >> reporter: kelly say it is fight will continue. >> we are raising millions and millions of the dollars and we will try to educate the public on not only how their member of congress voted but how they feel about this issue. we're not going away. >> reporter: that sentiment echoed by bay area members of moms demand action. they tell me they plan to thank the legislators who supported the amendments. and put pressure on those who did not. in san francisco, cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. .
-- the curtains close at an iconic movie theater in the east bay. the effort under way to stop the demolition that could be just weeks away. >> police haul away a massive joint from a marijuana event. we'll tell you how much this huge thing weighed. >> plus earning you kids should count yourselves lucky. we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then...
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an iconic landmark in contra costa county is one step closer to becoming history. tonight the last movies were shown at the dome theater in pleasanthill. ktvu's jade hernandez is live now at the theater where supporters tell her, they are not giving up on saving it just yet. >> reporter: no they are not. this movie let out about 20 minutes ago and as you can see supporters are not going any where. moviegoers came to see 2001 space odyssey, partly to relive the past and part of that to see the future. today was the last day to catch a movie here so supporters urged signing a petition to save it. chief organizers chelsea simmons says she has 2,000 signatures so far. she hopes the city council will
reconsider to save the theater. >> i just don't know why they would think that putting a sporting goods store in. >> reporter: for jack heginosom who met his friend to watch the movie, it brought back a memory to a trip to watch the very same movie. >> it's sad to know that it's been torn down. >> reporter: people tend to think that the area has no character, but we want to show that we do have character and it's worth saving. >> reporter: a permit has been issued so the dome could be knocked down as early as the
end of the month. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. hayward police need your help looking for witnesses to a fatal shooting. the shooting happened at 10:00 outside a home on franklin avenue. the 26-year-old victim died this morning at eden medical center. police have not released his identity yet and no arrests have been made. nearly 70 little league coaches and managers in ronert park learned how to properly conduct cpr. an 8-year-old player went into cardiac arrest after he was hit by a ball. today sos a local company donated a defibrillator to the league. an -- the alameda county
sheriff deputy have not identified a woman found dead just about 3:00 this morning. tonight investigators are trying to determine if the woman's death was an accident or homicide. in tonight's special report, going after gang members from a victim's perspective. ktvu's matt keller shows us the unusual place a south bay task force is trying to reach out to young gang members before it's too late. >> reporter: crime in san jose is on the rise, and police say gang violence is a major reason for the spike in homicides, robberies and aggravated assaults. >> this loop we did here. known to san jose for norteno gangs. >> reporter: many times the victims of gang violence are gang members. they often end up here at santa clara medical center. >> it can be hundreds of thousands of the dollars to millions of the dollars for a patient if they have a serious multiple gunshot wounds. if we can save that health care
costs that's very important. >> reporter: victims of 145 stabbings and 245 shooting victims were brought to the hospital. now a program is being used to try to get them out of gangs. >> if you can get them thinking on how they would make their life different, we can have a real impact. >> bernie, hi brother. >> reporter: they're not law enforcement which is one reason they have an easier time gaining the trust of gang members. fernando and bernie are charismatic, likable and most important for their job comfortable around the blue and red that define the gangs in san jose. they also care about the young people they work with on a daily basis. fernando attended four funerals for former clients. >> you work with these guys for so long. i look at them as, you know a
regular kid. i don't think, i think of them as kids. >> reporter: fernando and bernie took us to the site of a murder. >> penal code for murder. >> reporter: now their work takes them into the hospital rooms. since the violence interception program began, 18 teens and young adults gave permission from the gang prevention task force. >> i walk in, first thing i go is how you feeling man. and they answer usually, aahh. >> reporter: the shooting or stabbing victims are often in a lot of pain but that gives an opening to per fernando and bernie. they offer lots of benefits, including money for their
medical bills and a way to go to school. >> they start to realize i almost lost my job but i have a chance to make some changes so that i don't end up back here. >> reporter: the medical center administrators say they got the idea from other hospitals across the country. they say it's shown real results of keeping gang members from coming back with another gunshot or stab wound. but experts say keeping young people from joining gangs is becoming more difficult. >> every fight i broke up the first week of school had weapons on -- weapons in them and they were sixth and seventh grade. >> you plant a seed today you may not see the tree until 10 years later. >> reporter: in san jose, matt keller. actress reese whiterspoon arrested what she did when it came time for her mug shot. some residents in west texas are returning home.
the new details today about the cause of that deadly plant explosion. also in news of the world, the death toll from friday's earthquake in china rises to two things, survivors say they aren't getting. the bay
actress reese whiterspoon has been arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. this is her booking photo from the atlanta city jail where she was booked on friday. according to georgia state police the actress was arrested after disobeying an officers orders to stay in the car after her husband was arrested on suspicion of dui. in news of the world tonight, in china the death toll from friday's 6.6 earthquake has now risen to 546. relief teams flew in today bring supplies to hard hit areas but some residents
complain that emergency teams were quick to search for survivors but that food and water relief has been slow to arrive. the quake triggered landslides which are blocking access to the most isolated communities. investigators are trying to determine if it was an intentional act that sent 74 girls to the hospital after they smelled gas inside their school. just three days ago a dozen students fell ill in another girl's high school in the same province. no one has claimed responsibility for either incident, but the local government says it appears to be the work of those opposed to girl's education. some residents from the texas town leveled by an explosion were able to return to their homes but others don't have a home left. this is what the worse of the damage looked like today. investigators don't know the cause of the cause yet but they have found the center of the blast and say there's no sight
of criminal activity. four men were snow boarding when the snow gave way. the resort says they were outside marked areas. a sixth snow boarder managed to dig himself out. a different kind of pot bust. where police confiscated a 2- pound marijuana joint. our coverage of the boston marathon bombings continues. we will go live to boston ♪ alright, let's go.
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shoot out between boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev and police. tonight the 19-year-old remains in the hospital but there is word that he is communicating with investigators in writing. >> officials call the communication major progress since the suspect has been heavily sedated and unable to speak because of a gunshot wound to the throat. >> now investigators are hoping to determine the reason for the bombings. >> reporter: heather good evening to you, there was a tweet from a doctor a few hours ago about the condition of this 19-year-old suspect. saying that they have backed off some of the sedation in the iv and that he is responding to questions particularly to doctors about his treatment. there's a special team of
investigators here to question this bombing suspect as the entire city is now trying to inch its way to some sense of normalcy. across boston, churches opened their door to remember the victims and ease the grief of those who experienced the terror attack and the city wide jarring man hunt. >> we must be people of reconciliation not revenge. >> reporter: four people died and 180 more were injured in the explosion more than a week ago. the surviving suspect, 19-year- old dzhokhar tsarnaev is in
heavy sedation. dzhokhar's arrest came a day after the death of his brother. >> the high sigh of relief was felt across our great city and nation. now today, it's time to move forward. >> reporter: and one of those steps moving forward will be eventually opening up copley square. right now six blocks remain a crime scene there on boylston street. there's a five point plan. once the fbi turns that property over to the city the city is going to go through a number of steps, bio hazard steps, tests of the businesses structures. back to you. >> craig boswell, live in
boston. and runners in london showed that the bombings were not going to stop them from their marathon. many who attended today's event wore black ribbons to honor those touched by the bombings. >> and together we're strong, and we won't be beaten by people like that. trying to destroy goodness really. >> how can you not run for the people of boston. it's motivational and inspirational. >> bomb sniffing dogs were on the rout today. they're donating $5 for everyone who finish the race to one fund boston. good news tonight for drivers, gas prices across the nation have fallen during the
past month. here in the bay area gas prices have dropped about 10-cents. aaa reports today's average is now $4.06 a gallon. in san jose it's $3.94. in oakland it's $3.93. have you seen this video yet? it's making the rounds in the internet. it appears to show police confiscating a 2-pound marijuana joint. this all happened at an annual event that marks april 20, 2/20. word from the web is the officers took this giant joint, you see there in the officers hand because it violated the weight limit set for carrying pot which is an ounce. >> unhappy customers there. and some area stores are charging shoppers 10-cents for bag. paul chambers tells us when and where the new plan gets started. >> reporter: as the sign says,
you can look forward to less plastic, bags that is. >> see what i put in my car this morning. >> this is the first day i remembered to bring bags and i was always afraid that i was going to leave them in the car. >> reporter: these ladies are ahead of the game. starting tomorrow all retail and grocery stores in many cities are joining other bay area cities. by doing away with single use carry out plastic bags. replacing them with paper or reusable bags. >> it's good for the environment. we don't have the waste in the landfills and it's also harmful to animals. >> they're messy, people throw them everywhere. they plug stuff up and i would like it to be a little cleaner for my grandchildren as they grow up. >> reporter: according to the san mateo health system, most end up as litter or in landfills. the new law will not completely eliminate plastic bags because some grocery stores may give them out for produce.
if you forget to bring a bag, the store might charge you. >> people who are already charging you, they charge you for everything in the world. i think it's a cost that's not necessary. >> if i forget one at home, i am gladly going to pay the 10- cents. >> reporter: as a reminder you might want to put that reusable bag in your front seat that way you don't have to pay the extra money. i'm paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. unincorporated areas of santa cruz county are toughening the ban on plastic bags tomorrow for earth day. the city of santa cruz exempted restaurants on the ban which began april 10th. just how many acres have burned in a large
tonight southern california firefighters are close to containing a brush fire. residents who were evacuated in monrovia returned to their homes. the fire broke out yesterday. official reports blame a gardener sparking the flames with a tree trimmer. today a firefighter suffered burns but no other injuries were reported. let's check in with mark that mayo to see what we can expect for the -- mark tamayo with what we can expect for the workweek. >> the big temperature change, really started today then
basically tomorrow probably the hottest day of the week. a beautiful sunset with mostly clear skies over san francisco bay. the closest fog i can find is down to the south. down toward southern california to the south of point conception but a beautiful evening throughout the region. as far as temperatures they ranged from 70 in pacifica to the upper 80s out toward antioch and livermore. san jose topped at 80 degrees. heading way up to the north. that pattern remains in place. we will be watching some of that fog to the south that could be approaching the bay area by this time tomorrow. mainly from monterey bay to the south. close enough it does bear watching. current temperatures for this 10:00 hour. still pretty mild out there. we're still talking about 60s. san francisco drops back down into the upper 50s. san jose in the clear. 68degrees. we could be approaching a few records for tomorrow.
you can see santa rosa the record 90 degrees. we have to watch those. one degree in san jose could be approaching 89 as well. stepping outdoors, mostly clear skies. not too chilly. lots of 50s in the forecast that's for tomorrow for san francisco and san jose. tomorrow is earth day. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week with plenty of sunshine out there as sunshine still in command of our weather. that will continue to build and strengthen the air. it's like an air pump, it's going to compress and sink the air. it will keep the fog primarily to the south of monterey bay. so temperatures tomorrow inland near 90 degrees. around the coast approaching the upper 60s to lower 70s for afternoon highs. here we go tomorrow morning, lots of 60s. you can see the temperature
scale sliding up. that red contour links up to the 90s. these numbers could be a little warmer in a few spots. oakland at 82, a few 90s out toward antioch. san jose will go with 87. san jose a little cooler than what we were today. san francisco downtown beautiful back up into the upper 70s. here is a look ahead, your five day forecast. we'll shave off a few degrees on your tuesday. we will have to keep an eye for gusty winds. gusts approaching 40 miles per hour. that's tuesday morning. temperatures will cool off for wednesday and thursday. heather and ken if you're looking for rain clouds if your weekend is in view, mainly in the upper 70s. we might have to take a trip up the coast. just to see if those 70s in a few spots. >> on the board, thanks mark. >> thanks mark. the san jose sharks they try to
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good evening everyone and welcome to this late sunday night edition of the sports wrap. for the giants those three games in milwaukee seemed like an aberration. the giants finishing up the sweep of the padres. pagan got a good luck hug then delivered in the 20. lines it to right center. andres torrez and crawford both
score. pagan rallies in. pablo sandoval got back and swept around. pablo is known as a bad ball hitter but this is an extreme. good luck putting together a scouting report for that. giants added to the league in the fifth. buster posey has waited a long time for this one. he hits his first home run of the season. giants lead is 5-0 in the fifth. and gave it a ride to left, kyle slams his face into the wall. there's been a many outfielders that have hit that wall full speed. chad godan pitch it is final 2 innings for the combo shut out. giants make it three straight over the padres. zito is a fan of home cooking. >> we definitely had a tough time in milwaukee. but i think as a team we put
that behind us and you know, we came back and we were ready to play. the padres always play tough. we know we had a tough series and we played great. defense is great. offense got us enough runs to work with. >> oakland a's left the bay area as one of the hottest teams in baseball. they limped out of florida today struggling to generate runs. losers to the tampa bay rays. he deserved better here. evan longoria hit the fly ball to right. redick gets there and foul it is ball. escobar lines a malone to left. and makes it to the seats about as fast as a ball can. redick has been struggling to get going at the plate. he did not get the hit at
fourth. he's batting 113. that was it for oakland scoring. the rays added two more in the seventh. to roberts find the gap at left center with his drive one-half the wall. jennings comes around from fourth. rays got two more. and they lose 2-1. time to boston now for the first of three tomorrow. we normally wouldn't pay much attention to the indians and astros. if you don't have a glove you can use your popcorn bucket. and one step forward, one step back mode. tonight they ran into a team that's been their nemesis this year. the columbus blue jacket. columbus leading 1-0 after a period. and adding to their lead when the sharks don't take care of
their puck. it's 2-0. it was 3-1 after two then the sharks got closer. andrew dejarden does it himself against the jacket brevoski. it was 3-2 be 13-1/2 minutes left then they were evening. joe povelski with an assist from gomes. it's a 3-3 game. columbus back in front with 1- 1/2 to go. the jackets hold on for the win. the sharks number five in the west while columbus climb spwaos the -- climbs into the eighth spot. lee waited eight years to be in an nba play off game and he couldn't finish his first one. with 11-1/2 minutes left in yesterday's game with denver. lee ran into the nuggets mcgee and went down hard into the basket. lee was helped off the floor and last night his condition
was inconclusive. after an mri exam today came word that lee suffered a complete tear of his right hip flex or. he will be out for the remainder of the play offs. and game one in the series between the lakers and san antonio. leonard gets -- >> houston and oklahoma city opening their series with hasn't yet gone to the dogs. delfino denied at one end. and the jam okc led early then poured it on.
jeremy lin gets his pocket -- more like mud. game four of that series wednesday. another sere series that isn't supposed to last long is milwaukee and new york city. monta ellis loses the ball. only like he can. if you see james running the lane just get out of the way. he went for 27. miami cruised to a 110-87 win. those two teams at it again on tuesday. in today's other action the pacers got another. the nfl draft right ar
the san jose earthquakes were just seconds away from losing at home to the timbers. the quake's mount a charge on portland's goal. several plays get a boot on the wall. just two points from second place. liverpool and chelsea is a long way from the mls but this is worth a look. for suarez the logic goes, if you can't get the ball, just bite the guy on the arm. and suarez was fined in 2008 for biting another player in the arm. and i guess that did not cool
his appetite. no charges have been announced. the annual proday for home grown talent. not hard to connect the dots on one player. tight end hertz attended monte vista high school. delaney walker was lost to free agency. the 49ers have two picks. >> i would love to come to the niners. i've grown up in the bay area, i've always been watching the niners. playing with all these guys out here that i played with in college would be a huge honor. obviously with delaney there's an opening. i think coach harbaugh wants the best players. i think he wants to win championships. whether it's myself or another tight end in the round it doesn't really matter to him. i think at the end of the day all he wants to do is win,. >> the winner is the new york jets rivas headed every place
expect the arena league. rivas will be the newest member of the tampa bay bucks. rivas is considered one of the best center back but is recovering from knee surgery and in nascar, bush hit the wall and logano could not avoid him down low. logano 39th. busch had to go to the pits and since he could not see out of his windshield, he got there in reverse. he wins in kansas for the second straight year. jimmy johnson who was third today is the over all leader. indy car racing in the streets of long beach for the long beach grand prix.
on the second lap sebastian cavedre goes fast. that made for the second day for cevedre. the winner was tacuma sato of japan. in his 52nd race. sato becomes the first japanese racer to win an indy car race it's also the first win for the team since 2000. castaneves is that series leader. that's it for this late sunday night's sports wrap. have a good week everybody. >> thank you joe. >> that is our report for tonight. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> and remember we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu. mark says it's going to be a warm one this week. >> very nice. >> thanks so much for joining us. we'll see